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Rivers and Roads - small art exhibition- a jewel of excellence

Rivers and Roads is the third collaborative exhibition by local Coromandel artists, Diann Cade and Jan Linklater. Set up Hauraki House Coromandel town, the exhibition is a jewel of colour, reflecting the pulsing beauty of Coromandel landscapes, and presented in works large and small, bright and dark.

Diann and Jan have arranged their exhibition pieces offering viewers such a clear presentation of how they might hang in a home.

Jan’s works are larger and the vibrant colours and patterns in the landscapes have you thinking of scenes you know not just from the Coromandel but of memories of travels past. They have a nostalgic power.

Diann takes one scene and creates two smaller contrasting pieces, one in clear block lines and bright colours and the other highlights shade and light almost in photographic reality. The two images are like twins, clearly belonging together but yet, very different.

The Informer had opportunity to meet the two artists and view some of their works.

Diann has drawn all her life. Before moving to Coromandel, Diann taught at the Wellington School of Design. With Diplomas in Architectural and Industrial design she consulted in commercial interior design, furniture and graphics. But arriving in Coromandel 19 years ago, she decided to put those years of experience to a different use and started to paint in acrylics. She gains her inspiration from the larger Coromandel environment - the landscape, seascapes or still life.

Besides her art, Jan was and still is a scientist, a bio-chemist, with a love of art and the outdoors. She uses the North Island’s rivers to explore her passion for patterns and vibrant colour expressed so professionally through acrylics on canvas. The close relationship of topography and vegetation to the rivers and water forms is very striking.

This small exhibition is worth the journey and all visitors can buy or order there. An extra delightful aspect of this exhibition as well as the historic ambience of Hauraki House, is the support and involvement of both Jan’s and Diann’s partners.

Diann Cade and Jan Linklater are founding members of Gallery 6 in Coromandel and participate in the annual Open Studios Coromandel Arts Tour.

“Rivers and Roads” - open 10.00am - 4.00pm. Monday, 13 March to Sunday, 19 March 2023, Hauraki House, Kapanga Road, Coromandel.

Caption: Jan Linklater with one of her works from the Rivers and Roads exhibition

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