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Roadshow is a First for the Bed & Breakfast Association

Bed and breakfast operators are being invited to ‘create connections’ at a roadshow series specifically designed for hosted accommodation around Aotearoa New Zealand through July and early August. There will be nine locations and the nearest local event for Mercury Bay and the Coromandel Peninsula Area is at Thames on Kirkwood, Thames, on Wednesday, 6 July from 9.30am to 3.30pm. Members of Bed & Breakfast Association are free to attend.

This roadshow is about connecting with each other, the industry and guests.” Donna Brooke, Bed and Breakfast Association New Zealand President, says. The annual Bed and Breakfast conference for 2022 was cancelled but many were keen to have a chance to meet in person. So the Association has teamed up with a digital marketing company and association sponsor, Tomahawk, to provide these events for upskilling and networking to hosted accomodation providers in their own regions. The roadshow will also include updates form Tourism New Zealand and the local regional tourism organisations on international, national and regional marketing trends and information. Brooke said, “Hosted accomodation businesses are a niche but important part of the tourism industry. They offer personalised and exclusive experiences to high value visitors, whom they are looking forward to welcoming back as the tourism industry rebuilds. The Roadshow is a first for us and we are extremely excited to be teaming up with Tomahawk to bring this day of networking and education specifically designed for hosted accomodation. For us as an Association, it is all about the people and we look forward to reconnecting at the Creating Connections Roadshow 2022. It will be a superb opportunity to both upskill and network with other accomodation hosts in each area.”

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