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Rocket Men Live! Tribute to Elton John

By John Pratt

Tribute bands are pretty much the rage right now, and why not? Sometimes the better part of hearing your favourite tunes performed live, is the association we all have with ‘classic’ music. These songs can take us right back in time.

For younger ones, they just like the music and the character of daring of Elton John and remembering back is not an issue for them.

Elton John’s career has spanned 60 years, from his first appearances with “Bluesology,” in 1962. It was his writing partnership with Bernie Taupin, whom he met in 1967, that yielded some of his most timeless hits, beginning with “Your Song,” in 1970. Hit song after hit song, album after album, throughout his 31-album career, as well as numerous work on film soundtracks, Elton John and his unique musical style have somehow remained relevant and at the forefront of public tastes.

There are at least 149 of his songs that have been covered by other artists - “Your Song” as an example, has been released by no less than 343 other artists! Other tracks are seeing a second life, much like “Candle In The Wind” did on the death of Princess Diana, or his more recent collaboration with Britney Spears.

No surprise then, that there’s a tribute band bringing the music of Elton John home to us, and the reviews so far have all been great. The really good news is that the Rocket Men are coming to Whitianga, to perform the Elton John songbook live at the Mercury Bay Club on Saturday, 22 October.

Get your ticket, just $45 for the dinner and show, but take up the opportunity to book a table of ten people, and then your table goes into the draw for free wine for the event.

The Rocket Men, Mercury Bay Club, Saturday, 22 October 7.30pm.

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