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Santa visits Tairua in red hot rod

By Pam Ferla

Sea mist surrounding Tairua Community Hall did not stop Santa from arriving in a flashy red 1937 Ford Cabrolet hot rod on Saturday December 12, to be greeted gleefully by youngsters.

Inside the hall there was more excitement, with Alista the magician turning balloons in to short and long animal shapes. About 20 stalls tempted shoppers as jolly music added to the Christmas atmosphere.

The morning was organised by Tairua Information Centre. Manager, Eve Roper, said the event helped fundraising for replacement of the hall annex roof, which has also received support from Thames Coromandel District Council, with a grant from the Community Board.

Santa’s busy Saturday schedule included a visit to Tairua Aged Care rest home.

Caption: Santa was a popular visitor to Tairua Christmas Market.


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