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Scams, Scams and more Scams - Update April 2023

By Ade Cole-Ewen.

Scams, Scams and more Scams - We can help you with this. Please phone Sheryl on 021 0226 2504 to book time with one of our Tutors for a One-on-One session on how to deal with Scams.

Or, if you need immediate assistance, please go to Google, Safari, or whatever Search Engine you use, and enter either CertNZ or Netsafe in the search area. Both of these programmes offer simple and easy advice on how to deal with scams. Never click on a link unless you are absolutely sure you know who you are dealing with. Often there will be spelling mistakes on sites that are not legitimate because English is not their first language as they are operating from another country. So be aware and make sure your first reaction is to hit your Delete button!

No legitimate bank or business will ask for your personal bank account number, personal details, or your credit card details. A Scammer has no power over you unless you let them in! Do not click on anything, no matter how insistent they are – a favourite trick is to threaten you with cancellation of a service or subscription unless you reply immediately by clicking on the link supplied. Do not click the link!

If they have contacted you by phone, ask for their phone number and say you will call them back. They will either hang up or get more insistent. Just hang up.

We hold regular classes on Scams, and keeping up to date is a good way to stay safe on the Internet.

Term Two begins on Tuesday, 2 May.

For those of you who attend regular classes, this is a reminder that you need to re-book prior to the new term starting to ensure your place in the class. For iPad and iPhone, please advise which class – A or B – you are attending. For new members – please note that a couple of One-on-One classes with the appropriate tutor will make joining any of our groups a lot easier, less stressful, and therefore much more fun. Morning and afternoon tea are supplied at all sessions thanks to our hospitality lady, Anthea, who keeps our cupboards well stocked.

Please note the promised “Create a Photobook using Snapfish” course with Pam is scheduled for this Term. Starting on Tuesday, 6 June, Class #1 is scheduled from 1:45pm – 3:45pm and runs weekly for 4 weeks every Tuesday at the same time. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

This introductory course to using Snapfish will set you up for all sorts of creative opportunities in the future.

Caption: When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will be a better place.


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