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Scott’s Thoughts

Hon Scott Simpson - MP For Coromandel

The Mercury Bay is set for another stunning summer, even with all the recent rain, as we welcome another batch of new and returning visitors to our region. The festive season is always a terrific opportunity to showcase what we already know; our region is the best place to live, work, and play. It’s especially a great time to share our part of the world with our families and friends, who I’m sure look forward to returning year after year. When people hear ‘Coromandel’ they immediately think about the classic Kiwi holiday and the fun to be had at our world-renowned beaches. It’s been a challenging year for many people and the latest economic forecasts will cast a dark cloud over many festive celebrations. Nevertheless, it’s a chance to reflect, refresh and get ready for the year ahead. I’m looking forward to getting around the Peninsula and spending time in our communities. In political news, the country continues to experience a crime wave which is shaking the confidence of everyone working in retail businesses. Too often the stores on our main streets are left to pick up the pieces after being ram-raided. It’s incredibly frustrating for small businesses to see their hard work destroyed by this senseless offending. Moreover, in the unlikely event that the perpetrators are caught, there's seems to be no consequences for their actions. Under the current soft on crime approach youth offenders are able act with complete impunity. I’m fed up with the level of youth offending and lawlessness around the country. There needs to be greater consequences for recidivist offenders. National is the party of law and order and we will not ignore the serious challenges that New Zealand faces. Our policy to tackle youth offending will put in place greater protections for the public by introducing a new Young Serious Offender category and establishing Young Offender Military Academies. This will work with our previous policies to crack down on gangs and to empower community groups to break the cycle of offending. Authorised by Scott Simpson MP, 614 Pollen St, Thames


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