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What was shaping up as a terrific summer on the Coromandel was put to a quick end with the wild weather that has been battering the Peninsula over the past couple of weeks. Some holidaymakers will be disappointed by the wet summer, but those who stuck it out will have a story to tell and hopefully they’ll return for another chance to experience a traditional Kiwi summer. Seasoned locals know that these weather events aren’t uncommon and they set a great example for newcomers that the best way to wait out a storm is to hunker down and stay safe acting on the good advice. Our past experience is exemplified by our dedicated team at Civil Defence. These folks have been working tirelessly to keep everyone safe and informed during a very challenging and evolving situation. I know it’s reassuring for many people to see their updates post on social media and come across the local airways. Special mention must also go to contractors and roading crews who have gone about their work regardless of the conditions. Our roads are perilous at the best of times and the work that these dedicated people do clearing up slips and keeping our communities connected cannot be overlooked. It’s always great to see how our communities rally around each other during these times. A simple phone call to a friend or a post online helps to beat the boredom of sitting inside and can be very reassuring to those worried about conditions. Looking forward, hopefully there’s good weather on the horizon, especially over the long weekends coming up, which will give our retailers a chance to recoup some of the custom they lost because of the storm. Once again, thanks to everyone who worked on the front lines and behind the scenes to keep us safe and informed.

Authorised by Scott Simpson, MP 614 Pollen St, Thames


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