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SeniorNet Update


Well – we promised you some fun with your computers this term and we start this week with WORDLE! If you have never tried this before, it is time to start now. We expect a lot of fun and laughter as we have some very experienced players joining a group of beginners. WORDLE is easy to learn but fun and challenging to master. Join the group and learn to play and practice your word skills. We will also cover other variations such as Ouordle.

If word games are not your style, then how about trying some of the “crafty” stuff. This is seriously stimulating. Personalised calendars and cards will always be treasured by your family and friends. Start checking through your photos now so you are ready to start creating as soon as we get you started. Once you have learned how to do it, and see the end result of your first project, you will never buy a card or calendar again. There is something so very special about receiving a gift that is truly ‘just for you’.

iPhone and Android Classes: Apple and Android phone classes continue in popularity. All phones are either Apple, or Android, and if you are not sure which one you have, take the cover off and if there is no apple (with a bite out of it!) on the front, then you have an Android. They are equally ‘clever’ phones but operate differently, so we have separate groups and tutors. Please stipulate which group you need when you make your booking with Sheryl on 021 022 62504. Come and join our regular classes so you can stun your grandchildren with your prowess this Christmas. Ask ‘Siri’ to set the timer for the Christmas Turkey, or ask her to turn the light on your phone on to see your way in the dark! Those are just simple things, but we can teach you so much more. Ask your Apple Watch to find your lost phone…I find that one really helpful. And, best of all, just take a look at your grandchildren’s faces as you casually show what you can do. Photography is also a real learning curve and making videos is seriously fun. Remember - the key to it all is that little device you hold in your hand.

For new members, or anyone starting with a new device, we recommend that you start your learning curve with a One-On-One session before joining the group sessions. Each session lasts for an hour and gives you a good introduction to the class you wish to attend. You can continue attending the One-On-One sessions until you are totally comfortable with moving into a class situation.

Genealogy with Meg is an ongoing favourite, and you will soon be ‘hooked’ into researching your own family. Be careful – it is very addictive as well as exciting and rewarding.

Come and join us now. There is a warm welcome waiting.

Ady Cole-Ewen

Chair. Seniornet Whitianga.

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