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SeniorNet Update

Hello to you all. Seniornet AGM is this week – mark it on your calendar now:-


We look forward to welcoming you all, and invite you to stay on after the meeting and join us for afternoon tea. This is a perfect opportunity for us to spend time with you and have a chat about what’s new and happening this year. This is a time for you to put your requests and ideas forward so we can work together to make your Seniornet experience the very best it can be.

Enrolment Day earlier this month was very rewarding, welcoming back existing friends/members and a chance to get to know new members as they signed up for their chosen classes. Windows 11 and files and folders are always a popular starting point and Meg, who also teaches Genealogy On Line, was kept very busy. All things ipad and iphone were looked after by Pam and Molly, and Android phones, notebooks and computers were safely in the hands of Alan. The admin team, Sheryl and Lorna took care of membership fees, signing up the new members, and finalising all the class and one-on-one bookings. As usual the bookings for one-on-one sessions were very sort after, and those following on from last year’s class sessions were quick to sign up. There are still classes and one-on-one’s available so if you missed enrolment day, please contact Sheryl on 021 022 62504.

Learning how to navigate your phone and/or computer will change the frustrations you have into a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. There is a whole new world waiting for you, both from a business perspective, and sheer entertainment. If you are into to music, Alan is the person to take you through all the steps to having your favourite music at your fingertips on demand. Making cards and calendars, playing games, and watching movies are all there waiting for you. How many times have you wanted to save and file an email? It’s easy when you know how, and the best time to start is NOW!!!

You can find out more about us on All About Whitianga, or follow us on our facebook page. If you are not yet using the internet, please phone Sheryl for a copy of our “What’s On” directory for full details of classes available. Just getting started? We suggest a One-On-One session with one of our very kind and friendly tutors. Sheryl is the key to getting started and one the first questions she will ask is “What kind of device do you have”. There are 2 options here and as they operate quite differently it is important to know which one you have. If you have an Apple device you will see on front your phone, ipad, or computer an Apple with a bite out of it. All others will have either nothing at all or the initials or brand name of the company.

Stay safe, stay well, and we will see you on Thursday.

Ady Cole-Ewen

Chair. Seniornet Whitianga


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