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SeniorNet Update.

Stunning results from last weeks Seniornet Federation Conference.

Ady Cole-Ewen, Chair, Seniornet Whitianga.

Alan Drew and Sheryl Carruthers (our Vice Chair and Administrator) who have had

valuable input into what has been happening at the Federation, both attended last week’s

Conference. With the stripping out of the old hierarchy and a complete re-structuring in

place, there is a very exciting and stimulating new Federation emerging. You will be seeing the benefits right here in Whitianga as we move into Term 3 this year. A different approach – our Enrolment Day has gone – replaced by two free “Friends Of Seniornet” mornings each term, open to all of you, (together with our members), to come along and meet our team over a tea/ coffee. A time to talk about how we may be able to help you and to show you how you can now be totally involved from the comfort of your own home with on-demand “Senior Hangouts”. These have been completely revised into easy-to-follow excellent learning structures and will continue to be upgraded and added to as we move forward. Remote learning is also on the way which

means we will soon have to tools to work with anyone who is unable to access our classroom and is happy to learn from their home environment. Your social connection to our friendly team will always be available on the two “Friends of Seniornet” days every term. These will be well advertised in the Informer, online on our facebook page, and All About Whitianga. This is the time we will be looking for your feedback, in a casual and friendly place, and will be able to keep you up to date with the continued progress from the Seniornet Federation. We are all looking forward to this initiative as an opportunity to really connect with each other and work together to make our Seniornet organisation the best it can possibly be.

Contact for Seniornet Whitianga – Sheryl –

An Interesting Connection:- In talking with Merle Edwards, President of Grey Power

Mercury Bay/Whitianga we found that many of our members are very committed to both

organisations. Grey Power does an outstanding job in addressing the many issues that affect us

all and we discussed the possibility of of combining an event at the Mercury Bay Club,

either a lunch or dinner with a guest speaker and Q & A to follow on some of the most

relevant issues. In reality – this is a social event with benefits. We will keep you posted!

Please be aware that David Seymour will be speaking at the Whitianga Town Hall

on Sunday, May 28 at 11.00am. Make an informed decision on election day. Follow all

contenders and listen well.

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