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SeniorNet Update.

By Ady Cole-Ewen, Chair, Seniornet Whitianga

Rain, rain, go away – come again another day! An appropriate little nursery rhyme currently. The few delightful days of sunshine we have enjoyed have been received with enthusiasm.

Our new programme continues to evolve as we move towards our new schedule for Term 3.

The Photobook Workshops filled rapidly and are now underway. A hiccup with our wifi on Day 1 of Group 2 caused some minor problems but Pam set up a ‘homework’ schedule for the team and it will be interesting to see how the class got on with their assignment! This is a really good way to get more familiar with your computer - by working your way thru a challenge with a good set of instructions. With a background as a school teacher, Pam is not only an excellent teacher who achieves excellent results, but she also provides easy to follow notes to backup all her tutorials.

She is very aware of our need to have notes to refer to when we are at home alone struggling with, a sometimes, not so friendly computer.

There are spaces available in our beginner Genealogy Group so this is a good time to get started. But, be prepared to become addicted. Discovering your family history is fun and exciting, and doing it online offers unlimited access to all the information you need. The trick to all of this is learning how to access the information and record it. Meg is outstanding in this field and is a mine of information. Phone Sheryl now on 021 022 62504. There is no better time to start than right now.

Both Android and iphone classes are available this term - we run a series of 4 lessons to get you started, and then, if you want to really find out how much your phones can do for you there are advanced classes you can join. For instance, if you are sending a ‘Congratulations’ message, would you like to enhance it with colourful confetti floating down the screen? Balloons on a birthday greeting to make it really special? It is so easy when you know how. Come and join us and put some fun into your phone messages. Just imagine your grandchildren’s surprise when Gran or Grandad “rock their socks” with a colourful and fun birthday greeting.

On a more serious note, we always have classes, or one-on-one tutorials, for those needing to tidy up their computers/laptops/ipads etc., by learning how to file information so you can always find and access it easily. This is, perhaps, the most important and useful tutorial you can attend, and certainly makes everything else you do on your device a lot easier.

We are here to, not just help, but also make it fun. So come on down and join us.

Phone Sheryl on 021 022 62504.

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