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SeniorNet Update

Drop-in with SeniorNet a hit

By Adrienne Cole-Ewen

Well, SeniorNet invited the community to “Drop In” and the community most certainly did! Our first ‘new member’ arrived 15 minutes early which was excellent as things got very busy very quickly. We may have to look at extending our time frame as we were still working with our visitors at midday! One very happy new member achieved her very first video call to family overseas. Her excitement was contagious as she had her first ‘live’ chat with her grandchildren, on WhatsApp. For those of you who were unable to make this first ‘Drop In’ session please keep a close eye on The Informer for our next one. Yes - we will be parachuting in again very soon…………

With all the issues with scams there has been a strong emphasis on how to avoid both phone and email scams. Banks have been forwarding updated manuals to follow and it pays to read them. The latest ANZ update is very good and well worth downloading, your own bank will have this information for you and it’s a good idea to print it out, or, if you don’t have a printer, ask them to send you a copy. If you think you may have been scammed, it can be a frightening experience, and acting quickly is key to a better outcome. Keep your bank phone number and all safety instructions readily available and follow them immediately.

Scams: Your Bank will never ask you for your account number or any personal details. Do not give out any details of your bank account or any personal details to anyone no matter how convincing they are. And do not click on any links on an email unless you are absolutely sure who it is contacting you. If you are concerned about a phone call, just tell the caller you are busy and ask them for their phone number to call back. If it’s a scam they will hang up. If you are not comfortable at any stage, just hang up.

You have probably heard this all before, but we cannot emphasise enough the need to follow these basic rules.

Photo books and more: On a brighter note, many of us have now finished our photo-books and have the finished product in our hands. How rewarding this course has been and I want to just keep going to learn more. I now feel confident enough to go bigger and better. Christmas will soon be just around the corner, so it is a great time to come and learn how to make your own personalised Christmas calendars, cards, or gifts like coffee mugs with a favourite pet or personal message. Also, cuddly blankets with a favourite photo. Wooden block photos, and the list of options available are too numerous to mention. Come along and have some very rewarding FUN.

Stay Well, Stay Safe,

Ady Cole-Ewen

Chair. Seniornet Whitianga.

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