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Seven Sins - not deadly at all; a great success

Written by an ex-Troubadour.

The Tairua Troubadours have delivered yet again with the show Seven Sins performed over 8 nights, beginning June 15. Whilst the title alone may have deterred just a handful of rigid folk, it didn’t stop over 800 others, with packed houses every night by those supporting Westpac Rescue Helicopter, the much needed emergency service on the Coromandel.

The show started by informing everyone, ‘Welcome to 2019 - No Covid and all Roads Open’ taking the storyline back to a time when we weren’t constantly checking on weather reports and road status, says writer/director Jennie Turner.

Tairua is fortunate to have a bunch of talented people prepared to give it a go and have a laugh, which is something we could all do with.

Jennie has always insisted that laughter and fun be at the top of the list, she says ‘We don’t pretend to be something we’re not, we do our best, forgotten lines, and technical hiccups are just a part of life.’

This year a reduced cast acted out each of the seven sins, plus Jennie decided to append an eighth, ‘Regret’ which to her, made perfect sense. Many cast had multiple parts and were asked to develop each of their characters, some so much that they went completely off script leaving the prompt shaking his head and at times Jennie wide-eyed! It all adds to the combined input that makes the Troubadours unique.

As a group the Troubadours have given back to the Tairua Pauanui communities, monies from this show will push the amount over $200,000.

Jennie says, “It’s only as a result of people buying tickets. Every time you see the chopper, you can know you supported its arrival. We all win because I like writing the shows, the cast love performing, the audience enjoys watching and the recipients of the monies appreciate the donations. Plus it builds communities, as everyone comes together.”

Photos: take your pic

The Wrath scene depicted a family Joel van Doorn and Sabeena Tsan, travelling to the Coromandel stuck traffic, something many of the audience could relate to. Young Annabelle Fang was outstanding in her acting and singing roles.

The Greed scene was set in an Italian restaurant, Chef Grant Brooks, and waitresses Sabeena Tsan, Gina Easton and Anita van Doorn danced to ‘That’s Amore’.

Greed took hold of Gordon Winter, who was almost unrecognisable in costume, his stage wife Clare Humphrey-Grey was upset with dodgy Italian friend Joel van Doorn who skipped the country with her inheritance.

John Fox and Kay van Lubeck performed the funny Lust scene which was set around online dating.

Sabeena Tsan and Rik Tawa interpreted gluttony at a smorgasbord.

Many parents related to the Sloth scene with Father Grant Brooks annoyed with lazy stage daughter Rosie Juby’s messy room.

Caption: Scene from the Seven Sins - Not deadly at all; a great success.

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