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Shadow - Play Photography is Whitianga Photographic Club August challenge.

Small group but national honours.

For such a small group (only 14 members at the moment) the Whitianga Photographic Club punches way above its weight. The Informer is very fortunate to be able to publish the winning results of the Club’s competitions each month (See page for August’s winning photos).

Once a year members of the Photographic Society of New Zealand can apply for Honours.

The PSNZ Honours distinction is an internationally recognised award, confirming a level of photographic competence demonstrated through a portfolio presentation of the member’s work.

There are three levels of distinctions Licentiate, Associateship and Fellowship.

Each level requires the photographer to demonstrate an increasing level of photographic competence and artistry.

“Working for an honours distinction allows us as photographers to reach new boundaries as we seek to develop our technical skills, set new standards and discover new levels of creativity,” says Kate Beauchamp.

Licentiate Awards: This year three members of Whitianga Photographic Club achieved the Licentiate and are now entitled to use the letters LPSNZ after their names.

Anita Ruggle-Lussy

Wendy Pemberton

Chrissy Lawrence

For the distinction of Licentiate, members are asked to demonstrate general photographic craft and skill through a portfolio of 10 images.

And One Associateship: Kate Beauchamp achieved the Associateship and is now entitled to use the letters APSNZ after her name. For the distinction of Associate, members are asked to demonstrate advanced photographic craft and skill through a portfolio of 12 images. The Associate is a big step up from the Licentiate, and high quality of imagery is expected throughout the portfolio.

PSNZ Honours are held in high esteem worldwide. This community congratulates all four ladies who have joined an elite group of New Zealanders who stand in the top rank of photography.

Shadow -Play Photography is Whitianga Photographic Club August challenge.

Shadow play relies much more on storytelling, mood and how cleverly you can incorporate and use shadows in innovative ways to create your image.

Shannon Malloy perfectly demonstrates this with her winning submission 'Wheels', a well thought out composition, that works really well with the black and white edit.

First: Shannon Malloy Second: Anita Ruggle-Lussy Joint Third: Karen Moffatt-McLeod & Sean King

Photo of the month

Kate Beauchamp won photo of the month with' Light Bulb Moment'. The bright colours, fun composition and smoke made this image stand out.

First: Kate Beauchamp Second: Chrissy Lawrence Joint Third: Karen Moffatt-McLeod & Anita Ruggle-Lussy September's challenge is 'Refraction' photography. The refraction effect occurs when light is bent in glass, water or some other surface. The results can be really fun and quirky.

If anyone is keen to join our small but successful club, please email our admin team The work and achievements of our members can be viewed on the Whitianga Photographic Club public Facebook page.

Caption: ‘Light Bulb Moment’ by Kate Beauchamp


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