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Sips and NOT slips at Fine Wines and Spirits

By Michelle Rhodes

The heavy rain did not deter the lucky ones invited to a recent Wine Tasting at Whitianga Fine Wines and Spirits in Albert Street, just next to Stoked Deli. Four red wines and two whites were introduced by Roman of Euro Vintage and were tasted enthusastically. Some more seasoned tasters took their time, savouring the lingering bouquet before sharing in the generous pre-dinner platters provided by Reema and Gary, owners of the Fine Wines Store. The rich warm reds and refreshing whites washed away any talk of weather. Conversation was all about our sips and not slips. Great wine, great food and a great reason to get out on any evening. Quote of the night “Thank you Whiti locals. Graeme and Andrea Thomas want to pay tribute to Gary and Reema.” It was such a positive to see local business owners driving their business and not caving in for the lack of it. Future events are planned to represent the huge variety and ranges of good, better and the best wines, spirits and beers. Invitation: If you would like an invite, please pop into the Shop at 23 Albert Street and leave your contact details. At prices on par with the supermarket stores, you get ‘encyclopaedic knowledge’ on the wines and a great selection of everything from spirits to mixers. A gin-tasting night is coming in June.

Right: Reema and Michelle drink a toast. Above right: A good crowd enjoyed the recent Wine Tasting at Whitianga Fine Wines and Spirits, 23 Albert Street (next to Stoked Deli).


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