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Six of the best.

Local Art Exhibition and special guest tattoo artists in Kūaotunu.

Special guests Brent McCown and Nick Roberts and Tattoo BLACK Aotearoa.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Kings Birthday weekend, ‘Six of the Best' local artists exhibited in Kuaotunu’s Community Hall from 11.00am to 3.30pm. Art pieces were for sale. Each of these artists are well known beyond Mercury Bay.

PETER MATAI JOHNSTON is a textile artist, word smith, poet, music maker. He is a conceptual political artist who uses his art to make political statements. One of his pieces included the words Six of the Best hence the name of this Exhibition.

ROIMATA TAIMANA Describing himself as “an artist of sorts”. Roimata Taimata designs complex covetable graphics, is a spontaneous lyricist making songs up on the fly and a musician. Of late he’s become a dedicated Kowhatu and Whakairo (stone and wood carver).

TAWA RIKIHANA (Rik) Rik was brought up by his grandparents in Rotorua with Te Reo being his first language and Tawa his given name. For him “to fit” into school his grandmother enrolled him as Dereck unbeknown to him so that on his first day he didn't answer to it at roll call and was humiliated by his teachers, for not knowing his own name. Added to this was the teacher’s determination to change him from a left hander to a right which came with humiliation and mockery. He began drawing seriously (with his left hand) a few years ago and continues to experiment with pastels, acrylics and, occasionally oils using vibrant bold, bright colours with deliberate markings, faithful to his emotions. This is Tawa Rikihana’s first public show.

RICHARD CHRISP a sensitive water colourist painter with a French tilt. Richard’s personality obvious in his interiors and flower paintings.

CHRIS CHARTERIS. Locally, the stone carver the sculptor whose work is visible in our reserves, his beach gazing bench and his skyline work on the hill up the Waitia, his Tuia 250 work in central Whitianga, the jeweller whose pounamu pieces are proudly owned and coveted by locals. His commissions and appearances are nationally and internationally (from Kuaotunu to Cambridge UK).

CHARLES STUART SMITH. Making his debut as an Installation Artist, his participation alongside his true whanau and mates showing his stuff as one of Six of the Best, is set to change the perception from what in his everyday life he’s linked with - his extraordinary flair with exotic, luscious food. Stuart Smith from Blue Ginger whose given name is Charles Stuart Smith, is our man.

Caption: TAWA RIKIHANA (RIK) work.


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