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Skate boarding lessons popular at Skate Park

Skate boarding teacher and lessons popular at Skate Park

Sean Reilly, was recently announced as one of the finalists in the Sports Waikato Regional Community Connection Awards. Sean has been noticed and commended for his coaching ability and for his commitment to teaching skate boarding to a wide range of children and ages in a community setting. And we would add, “for his success with the children and young people!” It’s a very large region from which to be selected and he finds out the result on 26 January at the awards night in Hamilton. We wish Sean the very best, and we are proud of what he has achieved in the Mercury Bay community.

Sean Reilly grew up attending Mercury Bay Area School and he spent a lot of time at the skate park as a youngster, and has very fond memories of hours of practice with his brother and friends.” My mum was fantastic too” says Sean, “Taking me and my mates on trips all over the country to skateboard.”

We asked Sean, how the skating lessons began. ”I started the skate school in March 2022, thinking it would be cool to provide lessons to a few of the children in our community. I never thought it would become so popular. It took off and I now provide 12 lessons a week after school, to children of various ages and abilities. My favourite day is Monday when I provide lessons to over 30 amazing children from all over the Coromandel Peninsula who are home-schooled. The community atmosphere at the park on Monday is incredible. The families are connecting, even sharing produce and baking with each other! I really have to say that I am so lucky to have grown up here and that without our generous community, the skate school wouldn't be what it is. Parents are very active in getting their children into sports here and now we have so many different activities to choose from. I'm sure most kids do some sort of physical exercise which is so important for our tamariki development and well-being. ”

Sean is a fully trained early childhood teacher and works at the Kuaotunu Steiner Kindergarten three days a week. He is grateful for the experience and skills being a teacher with young children has given him. “Having studied ECE has proved very beneficial when helping the children with different frustrating aspects of learning to skateboard. Skateboarding is tough at times, it can be scary, it can be frustrating and it can be painful, but all these aspects teach you to overcome your fears, get back up when you fall down, to keep calm and focused and persevere to achieve your goals. This is what I love about skateboarding the most.” Sean smiles,” One other thing is when you finally land or (stomp) your trick; the feeling is so satisfying and can bring you so much joy! I feel very lucky to be able to connect with these awesome children and feel that this is hopefully a skill that will bring them as many good times in their lives as it has for me!”

Sean concludes, “We must thank the skatepark trust and all those who helped to get us this amazing facility that is utilized by so many people, young and older. The amount of time spent by people to get the skatepark completed is a testament to the resolve and love of skateboarding and to providing children with opportunities within our community.”

-“Skateboarding……. Can teach you to - overcome your fears, get back up when you fall down, to keep calm and focused and persevere to achieve your goals. ..”

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