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Skate School encouraged by sponsorship.

By Pauline Stewart.

They came here together last year from Auckland. The boys love the Skate Park but so does their Grandma and Mum who come to support them and other families. Jen also coaches the Little Kickers in Whitianga. It is a story of getting involved to find a way to belong to the town. The Skate Park and Sean Reilly’s Skate school have played a key role in that.

Tairua is missing out

60 years is four generations. That is how long the Tairua township has been discussing the merits of a Skate Park in Tairua. That’s far too long. Whatever you gain in better views or a peaceful quiet neighbourhood, it will only create a temporary passage for you. Father/Mother time will have their way. Your legacy will be that you protected your patch. The goodwill that is created by the Skate Park space which includes the basketball court is two-way. The young people give out so much goodwill and adults see a very busy and happy community on most days. This space creates more energy and hope for the town. Don’t miss out. All the problems are worth it.

Friday afternoon and evening at Whitianga’s Skate Park (Skate School and Basketball).

The Skate Park in Whitianga has been busy over the last few terms. The rain has not deterred the children and teachers at the Whitianga Skate School, one little bit. They are at the park most afternoons, using the fantastic facility and enjoying the fresh air. The children have been working hard at learning to skate and mastering different manoeuvres on their boards. “We have a range of levels at the Whitianga Skate School from beginners to more advanced children,” says the owner, Sean Reilly. “It has been awesome to watch some of the children progress over the last year and to see them on the weekends using the park with their families. I often see parents holding their breath as they watch their children confidently fly around the park.”

Sean thanked and commended Isaiah Johnston (pictured) who has been instrumental in helping the children at the Skate Park master this sport. Isaiah volunteers his time to help with the beginner classes. “He is always at the park, being a fantastic role model to the other children, says Sean. “The Skate Park is such a positive place and the mahi done by the Whitianga Skate Park Trust to get this facility up and built and running is one of the most positive things that has happened for the children in our area for a long time.”

Sean is aware of the situation regarding the current status of the Tairua Skate Park and he hopes and prays for a positive outcome for this community as Tairua deserves a space like Whitianga has for the children of their community.

“The Whitianga Skate School would also like to thank all of its sponsors who have helped keep the Skate School alive,” says Sean. “Without the amazing people within our community, the our Skate School would not be what it is and these businesses that have come on board demonstrate the true spirit of our amazing township.”

Sean runs fifteen classes per week and takes children from five years and up to all levels. He is also looking to run a free skate day once a month soon, where he will teach parents how to help their children skate and run lessons for those wanting to try it out.

If you are interested or would like more details, contact Sean on 0221640015 or look him up on social media - Whitianga Skate School.

Whitianga Skate School

Would like to thank

(Tier 1) The Lost Spring, Harry and Her, Countdown, and Mercury Bay High Abs.

(Tier 2) Guthrie Bowron and Sayers Construction.

(Tier 3) Chops Landscaping and Pacific Coast Marine.

Caption: Back from left: Marlon, Cole, Anaru. Front from left: Tony, Paul, Ridge, Colville, Charlie, Kevin, Brynn, Quinn, Isaac. In front: Theo.


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