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Slice Slice Baby

With names like Home Alone, Foghorn-Leghorn, Naughty by Nature, The Big Lebowski and Godzilla, you might think it’s a list of video rental titles or a heavy metal playlist, however these names are just some of the unique range of sourdough pizzas you can order at Slice Slice Baby on Albert Street in Whitianga.

Mike & Nadine are the youthful proprietors of Slice Slice Baby, the pair are focussed on delivering a really tasty product, and the place is abuzz!

Slice Slice Baby has just entered its third year of business, opening in October 2020. The shop is fresh with bright colours-, including an eye-catching hot pink, designed to standout and in fitting with the name, be a nod to the vibrant colour aesthetic of the 90’s.

In the beginning- The couple got together in 2018 after meeting at a mutual friends’ party, Mike adds “We then spent two years working hard and saving towards a big trip to South America”. When travelling was no longer an option for obvious reasons, the opportunity to buy into a business with the money they had saved presented itself, and Mike and Nadine decided to take the plunge. At the same time the pair were also expecting their first child.

The exisiting business was already a pizza shop, however with a drastically different vibe and style, that the pair knew they would have to change up. Mike shares he had previous experience in slinging slices, and as many locals will know plenty of experience in hospitality, having worked in the cafe scene in both Whitianga and Auckland, it felt like universe had presented an exciting way to provide for their soon-to-arrive family.

And speaking of family, Mike and Nadine consider themselves very fortunate for having the support of extended family throughout establishing and running Slice Slice Baby. Mike says “They like helping and they are good at it, we have definitely played to the strengths within the family. My dad even helps me with the dough in the mornings. Sourdough takes time and technique, and we’re all about our crust!”.

He adds “Our friends and community have really supported us also, with the relationships I had built over my years working in Whitianga, people were really helpful in the launch and success of our business”.

Discussing what had been difficult in the early days and how that has changed, Mike adds “We set up during Covid, and some things still affect us- supply issues have been the biggest challenge, sometimes even sourcing basic ingredients like flour and olive oil”.

When it comes to parenting their young son Quinn, Nadine says “We’re a good team and having the practical support of our families and working with our opening hours has given us incredible flexibility in these early years”.

And the name Slice Slice Baby? “We were in the kitchen at home, throwing around some names, someone suggested Slice of Heaven and then Mikes’ sister Gigi yells out Slice Slice Baby! We were singing the song and just thought it was fun- not too serious, and decided to go with it! ‘ says Nadine, she adds, that n true family style, Mikes’ brother-in-law helped designed the logo too.

Mike and Nadine are looking forward to a really good summer this year and hope that in 2023, they will get to take the break they had originally planned.

Some facts: At present, Slice Slice Baby is open Wednesday through to Sunday, however January will see 7-day trade to cater for the towns busy period.

In addition to the hard-to-choose from menu, a revolving menu of treats fill the dessert cabinet, including the house special - Biscoff Cheesecake and they stock the popular Duck Island ice cream range.

Photo : Mike, Nadine and son Quinn


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