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Smitty’s pub idol final

Paul and Fleur Clayton, owners of Smitty’s Bar and Grill in Whitianga, have hosted and financed what has been a very positive and generous showcase of excellent talent as well as four evenings of fun for a crowd of supporters and diners who came from near and far. The Pub Idol Karaoke competition had three heats and concluded with the grand final last Thursday evening, 25 August, with nine finalists each presenting twice before the enthusiastic audience and the judges, Vegas Brown, Brooke Koppens from Coromandel FM and Logan Toomer from Lion Nathan Brewery. Paul and Fleur donated the $1,000 first place prize money and $300 for second place and $200 for third place. Logan presented the 4th place winner with two rugby tickets to the All Blacks. To say it was crowded in every corner would be an understatement. There were moments of hilarity, at times dancers showed little restraint and a lot of joy, and all manner of drinks flowed abundantly. Moetz Simmonds was the stunning winner of $1,000.

Moetz Simmonds - First place.

Abby Laurence - Second.

Fabian Roberts -Third

Tony Marsters - Fourth.

Vegas and Liz Brown - coordinators and sound.

Brielle Cottier-Hall and Dave Compton - honourable mention.


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