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Stair Climb by local volunteer firefighters

In last week’s Informer, we told of the locally inspired, pre-national Sky Tower stair climb by our Whitianga Fire Brigade. They aimed to raise local awareness and funds to support blood leukemia sufferers and their families, and the research that is being done to cure this hideous sickness. The point of all their efforts was to raise funds and awareness. The informer has made you aware, so please give generously. We thank these local volunteer heroes who will also soon climb the stairs to the top of(and down) the Auckland Sky Tower as part of the national fund raising project.

Scaffolding to replicate two sets of stairs featured in the Whitianga town plaza on Sunday, 31 July for the Whitianga Fire Brigade’s local stair climb challenge. It was replete with mussel fritters, and others to cheer them on.

Pictured: Cheering on the stair climbers are Jason Myatt of Coromandel FM, Derek Collier - Fire Brigade, Flight/stair counter and encourager is Peter Herkes. Adam Collier (RHS) is almost there with just a few flights of stairs to go. Sean King had already completed his stair climb.

To make your donation here is the link to the team page:


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