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A new column by Stan Stewart, who owns The Informer with his wife, Pauline.

Unbelievably, eight weeks ago our strong and athletic son, Walker, lost the ability to walk. It progressed from strange sensations to a total loss of control. From the waist down his body is like a foreign country, it no longer belongs to him. Unbelievable!

Admitted to the biggest and best hospital in Brisbane, Walker immediately received excellent care. No tests or scans were spared. But they all came back clear. According to the data gathered, Walker was normal and in good health. But he wasn’t. Half his body did not function. Unbelievable!

Thirty-six years ago, a verse in the Bible caught our attention and prompted us to name our baby son Walker. It says how even athletes get tired, run out of steam. But walkers can keep going. This idea of stamina, endurance caught our attention. This was our wish for our son, so we named him Walker. And now for no discernible reason he can’t walk. Unbelievable!

The week before last, I was to join my wife, Pauline, taking over The Informer. But I couldn’t do it. I chose to be with my son and his wife, Evie, and their son, Logan. I feel I must journey with my son at least to the next stage of his affliction.

Being in a hospital every day, I have become aware of what seems like an avalanche of sickness and suffering. Despite prosperity and sunshine, many things are going wrong for many people. I feel for those who are obviously lonely in their pain. And I can barely watch the TV news. The horrors of Ukraine, and the daily diet of violence and mayhem are unbelievable.

When we reach the next stage in Walker’s illness, when it plateaus and there is a manageable road ahead, I will come to Whitianga. I have been thinking it is not just bad things that can be unbelievable. Sometimes good things, surprising things can be unbelievable. My hope is that I can be part of some of these in Mercury Bay.

Pictured is Stan Stewart.


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