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Superb detail in September photographic results

Refraction Photography was the Challenge for the Whitianga Photographic Club members for the month of September.

The refraction effect occurs when light is bent in glass, water or some other surface.

September's images were judged by Robyn Carter who is an accredited judge with the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ).

Honours - Best in Show: Tina Macrae

Judge’s comments: Stunning refractions in the dewdrops. Superb detail and sharpness. Well done.

Honours: Wendy Pemberton

Highly commended: Lia Priemus, Kate Beauchamp, Karen Moffatt-McLeod, Anita Ruggle-Lussy.

Photo of the month

Sean King won photo of the month with a stunning South Island Astro landscape.

Sean has nicely captured the reflections in the water along with the detail in the Milky Way which gives the image a real wow factor.

First: Sean King Second: Tina Macrae

Third: Kate Beauchamp

If anyone is keen to join this small but successful club please email our administration team;

The work and achievements of the club members can be viewed on the Whitianga Photographic Club public Facebook page.

Enquiries: Kate Beauchamp, Whitianga mobile: 021 029 62356

Caption: Dewdrops by Tina Macrae - Honours - Best in Show.


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