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Survey to define local concerns

By Adrienne Jervis.

What are the most pressing issues and concerns that residents and ratepayers in Whitianga have? The Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers’ Association Inc. (WRRA) seeks your opinion. “Community concerns and major issues are important to WRRA as they guide our elected committee members in setting priorities and directs us to where we should concentrate our efforts,” says WRRA chairperson, Richard Shelford-Woodcock. The incorporated body advocates for the residents and ratepayers of Whitianga living between Harbour Lights Drive in the north and Coroglen to the south.

WRRA is launching a two-week survey this Wednesday 22 November and is encouraging all locals to complete the short questionnaire. It will be posted on the WRRA website, and made available via other community organisations and at The Informer office, 14 Monk Street. Come and pick one up. There will be a box available to insert your completed survey. The committee will process the feedback and report its findings by mid-December. The survey will assist in defining the top five concerns and/or issues from the 11-question survey. Those who complete the survey go into a draw to win a food hamper.

(The result of the food hamper draw will be announced in The Informer the week before Christmas, and the lucky winner will get to enjoy the goodies over the festive season.)

WRRA aims to contribute to the betterment of our community and advance the interests of its residents and ratepayers by being a voice and representing the community in discussions with the Thames-Coromandel District Council and other agencies. “We strive to work collaboratively with other community-minded organisations and endeavour to extend our outreach and membership,” said Shelford-Woodcock.

A full annual membership is only $25 per couple and $15 for a single.

For more information, email or phone 027 305 3657.

Adrienne is Acting Secretary of WRRA.

A sample from the Survey Form (This is something where we can all take part.)

WHAT do you believe is the most important issue that we should advocate for on behalf of our community? [Please choose one or more topics from the below list. If you chose more than one topic, please rank them in order of priority, i.e., “1” for the most important, “2” for the second most important, and so forth].

  • The amount of Council and Regional Council rates we pay and how they are spent?

  • Availability of affordable social housing in the community?

  • The standard, capacity, quality, and availability of local water supply?

  • Establishing a siren and warning system for tsunami, fire, civil and weather events

  • Availability of public transport in our area and on the Coromandel?

  • The standard and maintenance of council local roads?

Caption: Richard- Shelford-Woodcock - Chair of WRRA.


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