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Tairua troubadours

By Jennie Turner.

The Tairua Troubadours have begun rehearsals for this year’s show ‘Seven Sins’ planned to entertain during an eight-show run starting on Thursday, 15 June.

Writer/Director Jennie Turner said her interpretation of the ‘Seven Sins’ will probably not be what most people are expecting. The script is different to previous years, rather than an entire story, there will be individual scenes depicting her comedic take on each sin.

“I’m sure the audience will relate, and in terms of music, there’s a real mix to suit each individual scene,” says Jennie. “The cast is smaller this year as some members were affected by the collapsed roads, so they will take a year off.”

However, there are a few familiar faces including chiropractor Gordon Winter, who is in two minds about the show, playing a devil and an angel is conflicting he said. Gordon is also the musical director creating the tracks to suit the individual singers. This takes hours and hours of commitment, but he says he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t enjoy it so much. Also behind the scenes is Dave Burton, jazz drummer and the Troubadours sound engineer. Dave came on board last year and soon was hooked on what the Troubadours stand for, the fun, the personal growth, the community laughter and the giving back. He’s looking forward to another show.

Alice Jones, international educator, and someone who loves to dance, has traded places and will this year show-off her talents behind the slide show presentation linked to the music tracks. Two years ago, the Troubadours put on an extra show to buy themselves a rear screen projector to help set the scenes. On lights, but also a chef, is Petra von Allmen, who is hoping to transition the Troubadour lighting system into the 21st century. Petra will make the cast shine on stage.

These winter months will produce a show, quite unique. The monies raised by the Troubadours under Jennie Turner’s reign, is now close to $200,000. Coromandel Rescue Helicopter has received a large slice of that. Being a trustee, Jennie feels passionate about this service especially now the Coromandel roads are compromised.

Jennie says, “It will be nice to see the community laughing after a dreadful summer and difficult navigations still ahead.” This will be her 24th show.

Tickets are on sale

Caption: Photo: Tairua Troubadour Gordon Winter. He is both a devil and an angel in his role in the up-and-coming show, Seven Sins.


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