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TCDC Community Board candidates

Candidates for Mercury Bay Community Board - in Alphabetical order.

voters elect four of the five candidates by Saturday 8 October

Caroline Hobman

I grew up in New Zealand with my widowed kiwi nurse mother.

As a public servant draughting maps in the mid-eighties, I experienced New Zealand governmental reforms and it gave me an understanding of how central government's decisions have impacted small communities. Centralised decisions for short-term gain have contributed to long-term losses of lifestyles and needs of many New Zealanders.

I returned to England for a time working wit locals there worked with locals there, in hospitality; customer service; caring for families and elderly folk. I have experienced that overseas communities face similar challenges to New Zealanders. Enabling the wellbeing of people, land, animals, and ocean resources, is in the forefront of my mind.

It was important to ‘come home’ to New Zealand as a married mother. With my degree in complementary medicine, I bring experience and knowledge and passion regarding herbal medicines. I also love gardening, farming, and food production.

I am a strong voice for Mercury Bay. I will work through regular local meetings, and people coming together to find local solutions to local issues.

Bess Kingi

Tena koutou katoa. My connection to Whitianga spans 30 years. We, my husband, and whanau, consider ourselves privileged to be living here. I am fortunate to bewell supported in my business, the Besshandz Embroider and Clothing Repairs. I am a Justice of the Peace and a founder of Te Puna reo o Whitianga. I'm on the committees of the Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association and the Community Organisation Grants Scheme. I know this community and I am fearless when speaking up for what is right and I work hard for change.

As a Community Board, we will all have different skills and knowledge to contribute. We will steer this ‘Waka’ in the right direction for the betterment of our community. However, there is a real need for our Community Board to reflect the diversity within Mercury Bay. The time is right for me to contribute to local governance by serving on the Mercury Bay Community Board. "Our strength is not ours alone but that of our community."


Peter Malcolm Mackenzie


My wife and I moved to Whitianga in 2016 with our two dogs.

I am a retired lawyer, having practised law in Auckland City for 50 years.

I have three main interests in standing for the Mercury Bay Community Board: (1) To encourage the supply of additional fresh water for Whitianga use; (2) To prevent further erosion of Buffalo Beach; (3) To promote the application of common sense to Community Board and Council decisions.

Billie Hunter Ngäti Hei

Ko Ruapehu te maunga Ko Mangawhero te awa Ko Ngäti Rangi te iwi Ko Billie Hunter ahau.

My pepeha above puts my introduction last. As an inherent responsibility to our natural environment, I place our landscape, bodies of water, communities and whänau before me, because service is at the core of my identity as Mäori.

I live in Whitianga with my husband and three young tamariki. We are very involved in our community and have made many connections as local business owners, maintaining our ties with various community groups as well as local iwi, Ngäti Hei.

I am pleased to run for the Mercury Bay Community Board to offer diversity and if elected, I will strive to be a voice for all. I will act in the best interest of ratepayers and residents with all critical decision making, understanding the special privilege it would be to represent my community.

Mauri ora!

Krissy Robinson


I am actively involved in community projects. I am currently the Chairperson of the Whitianga Toy Library and enjoy supporting other local charities and non-profit organisations through my business Wild Wood Mini Golf. I can offer my energy, drive, enthusiasm, and communication skills to help support the Mercury Bay community. As an independent representative I will: ensure that all perspectives on issues are considered; encourage clear and timely communication of community matters; support the community to connect with and make use of our unique environment and local resources; bring experience in business and growth to projects; apply a small business owner's perspective - working with the resources we have, a 'can do' attitude, and a drive to improve.

In summary, I will be wholly committed to supporting the development of our community into an even more enjoyable place to live.


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