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Thank you Alex, Welcome Ella

By Pauline Stewart.

Alex Kennedy and her partner, Dan Hawke, with their children, Reef (pictured), plus Mateo and Letti left on the last day in March heading for their new life in Australia.

Alex was the Chief Sales Manager for the informer for Stephan and Petra Bosman from 2019 and then for Stan and myself since we took over the business in May 2022.

Alex’ sister and her family live on the North coast of New South Wales and recently Alex’ parents joined them there. It seemed like the best opportunity for Alex and Dan with so many of their family members already in Australia, though it was hard leaving their recently renovated home and their community here.

Alex was a super and highly skilled member of The Informer team and we have missed her since she left to handle arrangements for emigrating at the end of January. It is a stroke of fortune for us that her friend and business woman, Hot Water Beach resident, Ella Kington has joined the Informer team (pictured left). She has taken over Alex’ role and also design and media. Mercury Bay says thank you to the Kennedy and Hawke household and wishes them the very best in their new life in New South Wales.

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