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That Curry Place - Kindness and Patience needed

Hmm….where to start for this very popular restaurant.

Diners and those ordering takeaways have lined up to enter in the side door of the restaurant for months. They got used to the steel fence structure outside the closed front doors. The reason being, that the canopy located at the front of the restaurant leaned and then dropped which was declared a health and safety risk to pedestrians and needed to be removed.

Unfortunately it didn’t stop there with flooding through the kitchen, the front windows also declared unsafe and having to be braced as well as ongoing electrical issues. Sandy Pope, the proprietor says, “We have to wait for our front canopy to be rebuilt along with a full new front of building, including new windows and a full electrical refurbishment. Everyone had a lot of problems engaging with landlords and TCDC are involved. Works had not been completed by the dates Council (TCDC) set. We have had to shut for customer and staff safety after months of disruptions to our business and customers.”

For customers eagerly waiting to get their ‘That Curry Place’ fix, some good news received from Sandy “We will be open Tuesday night – same hours but just takeaways”

“These issues have been completely out of our control. We just ask for kindness and patience as it’s incredibly stressful for my family and our staff.”


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