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The coffee and bagels trailer on Buffalo Beach Reserve

By Stan Stewart.

Travel halfway along Buffalo Beach Road between 7.30am and 1.30pm and look to the ocean you will see it. With a few chairs and two tables in a large expanse of mown grass, sits a neat looking caravan. Its name is ‘The Little Trailer” and it is obviously about coffee.

Move closer to buy a coffee and you will meet Bree Webb. Bree is a most pleasant young woman, and she is the owner/operator of this enterprise. Bree used to live in Hamilton where she was a pet carer in an establishment that helped people with their pets.

It was a big decision for Bree to buy the catering caravan and chance her arm on Buffalo Beach Reserve. Now she loves it and loves the town and its people and wishes she had come to Whitianga sooner. She has an annual permit from the Council, and this allows her to plug into the metered power box at the site.

Believe it or not, she has customers as soon as she opens at 7.30am. These are mostly people on their way to work. During the day many of her customers arrive on bikes. Obviously, the winter is quiet, but not dead. There are always people around. Dog walkers do their treks and buy coffee in the most dubious of weather. However, come special events and business is brisk. In good weather in the summer, there are crowds.

In a way the enterprise is a family affair. Her sister who is a chef makes the sweet slices for her. The toasted bagels are prepared in the caravan. For busy times she has a sister on the staff. When things are booming, she has two sisters working for her. Hmm! Not sure how three people fit in what is a very compact caravan?.

Caption: Bree Webb next to her 'Little Trailer' which operates at Buffalo Beach Reserve.


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