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The Guthrie Bowron Inspo-Roadie!

The Guthrie Bowron Inspo-Roadie!

An 8 metre billboard on wheels - Coming to Whitianga.

To be precise, the Guthrie Bowron Inspo Bus is coming to Guthrie Bowron carpark - it will be right out the fornt of the store! You won’t be able to miss it. You won’t be able to resist it.

Mini Showhome

Guthrie Bowron have transformed a bus into a mini show home/showroom showcasing all of Guthrie Bowron’s product categories in a colourful way, using Alex Fulton as the interior designer on this project. The bus will be travelling around Guthrie Bowron stores this summer as part of the ‘Guthrie Bowron Inspo Roadie’, where customers can pop along to check out the bus makeover and be inspired to undertake their own decorating project.

Guthrie Bowron is NZ’s largest made-to-measure curtain retailer. The bus is brightly and boldly branded - a message to make your life bold and bright and when it comes to interior decorating, Guthrie Bowron can help you create what is just right for your home.


The Inspo-Roadie showcases the amazing transformations that Guthrie Bowron can facilitate by using its wide range of products. It shows how you can use colour, pattern and design in any space, giving those who visit the bus a window into what is possible in their own home. Guthrie Bowron invites you to come along to visit the bus at their store. This super colourful store on wheels will be parked right out front on Wednesday, 9 November from 10am to 2pm.

It will actually travel around the country visiting Guthrie Bowron stores from top to bottom over a four-month period.

Kids Colouring-in Competition

Guthrie Bowron have the colouring in for the children’s competition on the back cover of this issue of The Informer. Children have all week from Tuesday, 1 November to Wednesday, 9 November to enter. Entries can be dropped into Guthrie Bowron in Jane Gaskell Drive or The Informer in 14 Monk Street.

The colouring-in entries will be displayed on the front windows of Guthrie Bowron and the winners will be chosen when Inspo-Roadie (Inspiration) is in front of the Whitianga store on 9 November. There will be prizes for three different age categories: 5-7years; 8-10 years and 11-12 years. The winners will be announced on social media and then printed in The Informer, Tuesday, 15 November.

There will be a Dentsu Ambassador at every store visit. They will run the ‘Spin To Win’ Competitions and activities. A staff member will be present to assist with any questions about the wide array of products and examples displayed inside the Inspo- Roadie.

You can check out the video here -

Come and visit! Out front of Guthrie Bowron store, Whitianga, Wednesday, 9 November, 10am to 2pm.

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