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The Informer’s new website

The Mercury Bay Informer’s new website launched on Friday last week, featuring a modern look and beautiful Mercury Bay scenery. “The site is epitomising everything news in the Bay should be,” says Informer general manager, Alex Kennedy, who was overseeing the website development project.

The website was commissioned as part of the paper’s 1,000th issue celebrations.

The website is very easy to navigate. With the click of a button, people are able to read all the latest articles and a digital copy of the most recent issue of the paper, as well as several previous issues. Readers are also able to view the details of upcoming events, job vacancies in the wider Mercury Bay area, tide times and weather forecasts, and vote in every month’s online poll.

A Business Directory provides the opportunity for local businesses to be profiled on the website. Each business will receive a dedicated landing page. “A listing costs only $98 plus GST per year,” says Alex “The directory is currently ‘Under Construction’ as we wanted to get the site finished before publication of our 1,000th, which meant there wasn’t time to focus on any sales. Selling listings is now a priority. We hope for the directory to go live within the next four weeks or so. Anyone interested in a listing should get in touch. All the details are on the site.”

The site also links to The Informer’s social media pages. “We have more than 11,300 followers on Facebook and Instagram,” says Alex. “Our new website is now another avenue through which people can enjoy, among other things, the stunning photography of the Mercury Bay area we are renowned for.”

Pictured: Alex Kennedy, who was overseeing the website development project.