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The power of a name!

Over 180 naming competition entries received in four weeks – what a strong indication of the connection our community already feels for the Mercury Bay Resource Recovery Centre!

Based at the new Refuse Transfer Station (RTS) on Moewai Road, Whitianga, the centre is on track for opening in March 2023. Once operational, volunteers and staff will work to reduce the volume of reusable and recyclable products sent to landfill. A drop-off centre will be integrated into the new RTS, providing the public with the option of off-loading goods before the RTS weighbridge. Recovered products will then be offered for sale to the public through a shop, which may be accessed via Moewai Road.

“Having a name that speaks to the essence of that mahi/ work, feels like an incredibly important part of establishing our identity. Names carry deep personal, cultural, familial, and historical connections. They also give us a sense of who we are, the communities in which we belong, and our place in the world.” explains Len Salt current chair of the Mercury Bay Resource Recovery Centre Trust. “So, we put a lot of thought into selecting our name”.

Congratulations to Lisa Kearney for suggesting Tukurua. The Trustees also express their gratitude to Ngāti Hei for their guidance on the most appropriate way to use this suggestion as a name and their blessing to do so. The final name is therefore:

Wāhi Tukurua Meaning: Place of Recycling. The direct translation is a place of second use/reuse.

The Trustees were pleased to hand over the $200 Prezzy Card prize to Lisa on-site at Moewai Road on a bright and beautiful Mercury Bay Friday (as you will see in the photograph: L-R Manus Pretorius, Tracey Bell, Len Salt, winner Lisa Kearney, Tiffany Reed and Julie Denning-Kemp).

“Thank you so much for your fantastic suggestion. It is thrilling to have a truly unique name that fully embodies what we aim to achieve. We look forward to building an iconic brand that is recognised Peninsula wide.” says Trust Secretary, Tiffany Reed.

The Trustees would like to call out and thank @All About Whitianga and CFM, who got right in behind the campaign, collected entries and made a large contribution to the success of the competition.

On a final note, Mercury Bay Resource Recovery Centre Trust (MBRRCT) also extends a warm invitation to the inaugural AGM on Sunday 18th September, 11am at the Town Hall, Monk Street, Whitianga.

Pictured left to right: Manus Pretorius, Tracey Bell, Len Salt, winner Lisa Kearney, Tiffany Reed

and Julie Denning-Kemp.

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