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The problem of (poisons in the) water

By Malcolm Campbell.

All of the environmental problems identified to this point are clearly linked to water. Noah was instructed to build the Ark because of water and build it he did, because the rain came down and that was before Climate Change, or was it?

Climate Change is the number one problem facing humanity according to many self-styled experts, including many actual and would-be politicians. However, there is another lobby group who say that ‘Yes,’ the world is warming, coming from a long-ago ice age. Therefore, it is up to the individual to make up his or her own mind as to his or her own personal belief.

Although Climate Change is supposedly the key element to survival, much closer to home are the problems right here and they are very visible, and we must face them. There is no argument about this whatsoever, that there are major problems with water; all of the major problems are linked to water. The water that we need to survive every day also contains the problem in terms of our survival.

It is not as if there was no warning. Rachel Carson wrote ‘Silent Spring’ and was vilified for her work stating the damage being wrought to the environment. Closer to home, Meriel Watts wrote ‘The Poisoning of New Zealand’ a very detailed picture of the use of a wide range of poisons and their ill effects particularly on human health. It would be incredibly easy to stop the poisoning, just stop doing it.

How simple is that step. But as Schauberger said, ‘The Authorities’ will not admit they have made a mistake and the notices about ‘Herbicide Use’ are still appearing the same as before, as recorded, for the past ten years. The rainwater falls, drinkable by humans and beasts. The beasts have been blamed by many academics for fouling the water. There is a contradiction here because the American Indians said before the White Man came, they could drink from any stream! But there were millions of buffalos and that has somehow been lost on officials as it is beyond belief that they did not poop and pee in those streams. Distasteful by appearance, but natural water flows has a self-cleaning property.

No number of plans will make the slightest difference if the root cause is not addressed.

There is yet another group established in the Waikato named the Waikato River Authority. Now in all of these problems, something and someone to change. It has been long established that, ‘if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will only get what you have got’. Further, it is also established that ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is the height of stupidity’. Change is essential.

Many people, most in fact, are totally unaware of the damage already done and this is related to ‘time’. The mayhem with poisons began as long ago as 1960-65. This is virtually a lifetime or almost so. Few will recall conditions sixty years ago especially so, if they were not directly living in touch with the wider environment. At first conditions did not seem to be affected right up and until close to the year 2000. Some creatures had disappeared before that time, but the situation has worsened rapidly since then, as the number of the creatures still in the environment has declined and is declining rapidly.

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” Albert Einstein.

Caption: The Poisoning of New Zealand by Merkel Watts pub. 1994 - The book covers - How Pesticides were contaminating our food and water. What you can do to detoxify your body. How to stop the poisoning through legal challenge.

The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. Known as the book that launched the environmental movement. The most important legacy of Silent Spring was a new public awareness that nature was vulnerable to human intervention. Rachel Carson had made a radical proposal: that, at times, technological progress is so fundamentally at odds with natural processes that it must be curtailed.


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