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This Sunday Winter Dance Enpointe Dance Showcase.

Lisa Gifford runs a professional dance school – Enpointe Studio, situated in the middle of town, upstairs near Fagans - furniture and giftware store in Albert Street, Whitianga. Enpointe offers ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and tap for all ages, shapes and sizes. The older ones help the younger ones learn. The ages of the dancers range from pre-school to mature adult dancers. Every student works hard. Lisa inspires her dancers and settles only for their best.

Concert goers get to see elegant ballet, driving tap and funky casual hip hop all from the same dancer and done with finesse and precision.

Lisa says, “We not only nurture talent; we work to inspire real commitment to excellence and an appreciation of multi dance styles. This winter showcase concert is also an opportunity for the girls to be assessed. Gradings and assessments are a part of the dance experience if dancers so choose.

The whole community is invited to this Concert - Sunday 2.00pm in Whitianga Town Hall. just one show so get your tickets by emailing:

Caption: Indaria Bainbridge-Davies, Chloe Marcom, Charlie Thackray, Milly Lamason prepare for the Midyear Winter Showcase.

These Year 12 and year 13 girls have spent many years at Enpointe Dance School. They fit their love of dance around study, helping younger ones, sport and family.


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