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Thrilling - David Becker concert

David Becker’s concert at the Monkey House Theatre in Coghill Street last Saturday evening was thrilling. His range of styles was an accomplishment in itself - mellow soft accoustic, drum mixes with foot tapping guitar rhythms, multi-electronic layers mixing with his live instrumentals. Every note has been played and recorded by Dave. There were moments where the audience was listening to a virtual orchestra. One of the highlights was the planetary journey Dave had composed and recorded as a collaboration with Space Channel to create ‘Planets’ – a musical voyage through the stars. His live music recreating this felt as as thought it was interpreting the sounds, energy and mystery of the planets of our solar system.

In the words of Roger Willemsen, German television journalist, ‘Dave Becker is one of the best jazz guitarists ever.” Jazz Podium and Downbeat called him, “A poet on the Jazz Guitar.” This concert. loved by the audience, was also a highlight for Molly and Kaspur Franke, the theatre’s managers and producers who through their events business,, brought David Becker and his wife Laurie to Whitianga as part of Dave’s national tour on new Zealand. They will be returning.

Caption : David Becker live

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