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Thunder Hop at Hot Water Beach

By Pauline Stewart.

About 350 attended the Annual Thunder Hop event at Hot Water Beach Top Ten Holiday Park –for the Kings birthday long weekend. Sheree and Grant Webster, the organisers of the event and owners of the Park, reported that the numbers were not quite that of the previous years (450) but it was still a great event . They commented that some locals came for the first time and had not known about Thunder Hop. Hot Water Beach was crowded on Sunday with people digging holes but disappointingly, the coffee shop was not open. Thunder Hop is definitely an event that deserves more publicity. The bonfire is in itself an attraction and to see the vehicles and lodgings at the Holiday Park all lit up is a great feature. About 30 cars (highly audibly augmented and modified hot rods) participated in the races and the spirit of disappointment over broken highways and storms was simply gone from the revellers. It is an event that definitely deserves more publicity - the site can accommodate many more and the track has capacity for more cars. And the fire…. well, it can be seen from a great distance and there is no limit to the amount of people who can enjoy that. The 4x4 V8 rides which were an experience in mud slipping and sliding, raised approx $650 for the local St John Ambulance. Sheree Webster presented Pene Clayton (St John representative) with the cash donation on the Saturday night. Mark Thunder Hop at Hot Water Beach and the Kings Birthday weekend in your phone diary.

Caption: Photos courtesy of Tim Bright.


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