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Tiki Taane - a most extraordinary man - on film and in person.

By Stan Stewart.

Anne-Maree and Matt McDougall have done it again. They have brought to Whitianga a most arresting and powerful documentary - “Tiki Taane in Session with the CSO (Christchurch Symphony Orchestra)”. More than this, they brought Taki to the theatre On Saturday afternoon, this past for an in-person Q & A session. Thank you, Anne-Maree and Matt., This time to meet Tiki Tane face to face, was a beautiful gift for all who attended - the movie theatre was packed.

His 68-minute documentary shared the man and his music and his children, Charlie and Karcia, as they performed with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. After the screening, Tiki was present to share his thoughts and answer questions. Fifty people filled the theatre to share this experience.

In fact, I was completely unaware of Tiki even though he has performed in our area on several occasions - notably at the Coroglen Tavern. I now read that he is a famous experimental musician and live music engineer. For years he was a member of a leading New Zealand band, “Salmonella Dub”. He started as their sound engineer, but quickly became a member of the band. He left the band in January 2007 to pursue a solo career. He has had success as a recording musician and his song, “Always on my mind” reached platinum sales. He has also produced several multi-platinum albums.

Tiki was given a great welcome by everyone present, who were obviously aware of and followed his music.

He shared a few facts about the documentary we had just seen. It was a year in preparation - the whole project involved eight film crews. In the end it was shot using sixteen cameras. There were two rehearsals and one show – the one we saw on the video. The project was self-funded by Tiki.

Tiki on Life: Taki talked about how this project and other aspects were very much a family affair. He said he also has four special friends who support him and help his music career. He said, “I am a lists guy”. He came back to this on several occasions. He prepares a list every morning and works through the day to accomplish each point on his list. One thing that has motivated him has been the fact that some of his friends had died before their talent had fully flowered. This pushes him to achieve everything he can while he still can.

Behind his present and future projects are 34 years of experience in the music business. Tiki said it had been a great privilege to have all this experience. This has been his major resource.

He quietly challenged the audience with thoughts such as these. “If you are creative, use your talent. Don’t let it waste away. Make your own list. Do your very best and work to create a beautiful legacy.”

Caption: Tiki Taane at the Mercury Twin Cinemas.


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