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By Pauline Stewart.

The Guest Editor has taken a lot of criticism these past few weeks. You know his point of view well as he expresses it without fear or favour. When I first approached Trevor, knowing he wrote well, I also knew he would express opinions on subjects and themes that would bring strong responses. I also approached others with differing political and social beliefs, but none were able to commit, and some felt unwilling to face controversy.

I have heard and read from some that you are tired of the same old thing in the Guest Editorial. Others (or you) have been irritated (or offended) by some. When something is proven to be false in terms of fact – that is a different matter. We stand by the Guest Editorials in that regard – when quoting sources his comments are factual.

However, I need to make it clear that Trevor’s views do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or staff.

To set the balance on these issues it must be said there have also been many encouraging comments, referencing Trevor’s editorials, particularly in terms of matters leading up to the elections.

This country, from its beginnings of human habitation has been occupied by people of different opinions even when they are of the same race and background. In the past – both pre- and post-colonial - those differences and that ‘sense of offence’ have, at times, led to war and death.

We have developed and matured since then, but fairness and progress has always required hard work or mahi, and will do so after this election whoever gets elected. The range of people's opinions will still be there, and it will do nothing good if people are marginalised or their viewpoints are squashed. All the different groupings in our country - cultural, ethnic, ages, political groups, interest groups, career groupings can be guilty of ‘having their toes out there waiting to be stubbed’. My prayer is that the hard mahi or work done together, will have us eventually saying, “Why didn’t we do it earlier.” No one group will be able to have it all their way, compromising is not the finish - it’s a beginning.’

We intend to have a number of different guest editors and Trevor Ammundsen will continue to write on a variety of subjects. Our paper’s aim is to present a wide variety of informed views on the issues that confront all of us as we live - and hopefully thrive - on this beautiful peninsula.

Pauline Stewart


Caption: Pauline Stewart.


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