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Together we can support and live local

By Ella Kington

The Vessel, Cooks Beach, enjoying some good custom last Sunday.

We all know the devastating effects this weather has had on our community and there’s no denying that times have been tough for many. I have been thinking about why I believe so much in the future of the Coromandel despite the amazingly bad summer so far. It is because we are a community full of creative, kind, inspirational and hardworking people, committed to living this very special lifestyle.

We have so many great restaurants, retail stores, local attractions, cafes, food producers, trades and services, and so much more that make this place not only incredible to visit but also a truly great place to live. Since we haven’t had as much tourism support, now is the time to rally together. We have made it through a lot in the last couple of years and we can get through this! We need positivity, encouragement and support.

There are still so many things we can do and try around our Coromandel home to support local. Instead of shopping online, pop down to your local store to check out all the deals. Head for a day to Kuaotunu, Hot Water Beach, Hahei, Matarangi. Make an effort to check out the live music at these Whiti restaurants - Lukes Kitchen, Smitty’s, The Whitianga Hotel, Mercury Bay Club, Hot Waves Café, Hula, The Monkey House, Coroglen Tavern and more! These are all local businesses that regularly have live music and events that are well worth checking out. Grab a pack of cards and a coffee at a local café on a rainy day.Head down to the markets for a look around or your weekly veges. Buy local for your gifts and just remember that every little bit helps these businesses stay alive.

Make the most of having the Bay just for us, the locals. Enjoy the quiet boat ramps, and fishing off the beach in the evenings. Invite your friends for a weekend at the beach and show them your favourite places. While the main roads are proving difficult to travel on, our local roads are doing great! I know everyone would appreciate a friendly face right now, even if you just pop into a store to say hello.

Challenge yourself to try something new. Pick a local business you’ve never been into and go check it out. Every little bit helps. Heading into the quieter months, it’s the locals that remain at the heart of this town and our neighbouring towns who have the same plight. Locals make the spirit of a place. So this is just a reminder to stay positive, support local and help where you can.

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