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Top Air Show coming to Mercury Bay

Celebrating 75 Years of Flying Labour Weekend 2023 By Suzanne Hansen.

Sunday, 1 October 2023, marks the 75th anniversary of the Mercury Bay Aero Club (MBAC), and to celebrate we are all in for a treat on Labour Day weekend when the Aero Club stages what promises to be one of their most exciting air shows to date. To celebrate 75 years of flying the MBAC will stage an AirShow professionally organised by New Zealand Warbirds under their NZ CAA approvals utilising air space some 200m-500m off our Buffalo and Brophy’s beach fronts. The display will run from 10.00am to 12.00pm on Sunday, 22 October. This means that the viewing of the air show will be free and accessible for the whole Mercury Bay community and will include live commentary from Coromandel’s CFM Caravan so we can all learn more about what we are watching. The exciting display will feature the NZ Warbirds Roaring Forty’s Harvard formation aerobatic team, the YAK Formation Team and a number of precision flying displays by several other Warbird, vintage, and Aero Club aircraft. The show will open with a mass parachute drop of skydivers from the DC3 on to Buffalo Beach.

Win a “lucky draw” There will be so much to see and hear for families and friends who can find their ideal space on the beach to throw down a rug and watch. The MBAC will also be running a lucky draw along Buffalo Beach and Brophy’s Beach, handing out numbered and collectable programmes where spectators will have a chance to win a flight in a Warbirds Harvard later at the MBAC Open Day at the airfield.

Open Day at the airfield: On the same day, from 12.00 to 4.00 pm, the Mercury Bay Aero Club will stage an “Open Day” where all the participants and aircraft from the morning’s air show will be on static display and many, including the DC3 and some of the Warbird aircraft will be available for joy rides. The CFM Caravan will relocate to the airfield and the afternoon will be full of fun for the whole family. The MBAC will also be staging a display of a large number of the club’s 65+ member aircrafts. The lucky number for the ride in the War Birds Harvard will be drawn at 3.00 pm on Sunday at the airfield.

Some sponsorship needed: The Mercury Bay Aero Club’s 75th Anniversary Air Show, supported by both the TCDC and the Mercury Bay Business Association is looking to source even more sponsorship funding from local businesses to make this spectacular and unique event even bigger. If you are wanting to get involved, the contact is Bill Beard, MBAC Show Co-ordinator.

What a great family event for all of us, and congratulations to the Mercury Bay Aero Club on their 75 years. What a spectacular event to kick off a great summer of excitement for our Mercury Bay community and our many visitors.

For further information please contact Bill Beard, Mercury Bay Aero Club Co-ordinator Ph. 021 864141 email:

Caption: These photos are images from previous Air Shows and the 75th Show this year promises to be even better.


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