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Popular 10 Artists

By Ange Gregory

When the Informer arrived at Kuaotunu on Friday evening, several pieces of art had already been sold, and a bumper turnout of visitors were filling the hall. They had come to view, and enjoy the ‘10 Artists’ exhibition by ten local artists who have already earned a reputation well beyond local. Some of the visitors would be purchasing one or more of the pieces on display. The bright and positive atmosphere was fuelled by the standard of presentation and by the food and drinks offered on opening night. It was a great atmosphere to take in.

Besides the high standard of art displayed, it was the mix of media comprising the content at this one exhibition that kept visitors staying longer.

The guest artist for this long weekend was Annemieke Kregting of the Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust who was exhibiting her wonderful mosaics to raise funds for this self explanatory but exceptional cause – caring for and bringing back to health, injured birds. Every artist offered something different:- stunning woodwork by Dave Bryant and Colin Verner; exquisite sculptures by Chris Charteris; intricate digital art by Roimata Taimana; beautiful handwoven cloth and painted gourds (homegrown), using her own homemade dyes, by Lizzy Leckie; sublime oil paintings by Claire Elliot, paper engineering that was mind boggling, by Phillip Fickling; Peter Matai Johnston’s challenging and witty pieces; beautiful and consuming photographs by Ian Preece and the creative and intensely expressive art of Lutz Gaebler.

The ‘10 Artists’ exhibition was open for the three days of the long weekend and organised by……

Coroglen X-press Artists

By Pauline Stewart

‘Art for Everyone’ was how Paula McNeill summarised the exhibition by twelve artists displayed in the Coroglen Hall on the Friday and Monday of this past long weekend.

Paula, who is one of the artists and also the originator and co-ordinator of the Coroglen X-Press Artists exhibition, was referring to the variety of the content but also to the community of artists who gather weekly to learn and to work on their art right there at the Coroglen Hall. Many of the pieces were the result of several layers of pressed art, prepared on their very own art press; paid for by the local art group. Paula described one piece of art that began with the image being carved into perspex and overlayed with other images etched on soft paper and also on embossed paper, carefully pressed.

I was struck by the power of the message in the images and in others, the vibrancy and life in the many colours achieved with the multi-layered fine art process. Verna Tagman, also present on Saturday, had created an exhibiton space mixing her art and that of Peter Augustin (who could not be present) in the one space. The two different styles and subject matter of their pieces, plus their high standard of skill, was highlighted by her placement. Verna had come from Switzerland to house sit in 2003 and just stayed. Susan Dunster, Joanne Mahoney, and Jane Parsons, also exhibitors at this fine exhibition, were there to greet visitors on Saturday.

Len Salt, our new Thames and Coromandel District Mayor, popped in to view and greet the artists which was appreciated. He was also going to view ‘10 Artists’ at Kuaotunu.

There was such quality, colour and texture through a variety of styles. Framed and unframed works exhibiting the different types of printmaking and painting through the pressing of fine art images, was a feature of this Exhibition. Baskets had cards for sale which were in some cases mini prints of their art. This extra touch was very popular.

The Coroglen Hall and adjacent park became the Coroglen Markets for the Sunday of the long weekend and for every Sunday in the summer period. Be sure to visit.


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