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Two new Presidents of Whitianga’s two Lions Clubs inducted

Newcomers might not know there are two Lions Clubs in Whitianga, the Mercury Bay Lions Club for women and Whitianga Lions Club for men and women.

They share in some projects and social event. Bot are greatly involved in raising funds for worth while projects in the community's. I can see there is a difference in that the Whitianga Lions Club is connected regionally and internationally in its life and to some projects and leadership undertakings.

Jill Bowker, has lifted the reins form Sue Barnes to become the new President of Mercury Bay Lions Club. Kevin Robinson is the new President of Whitianga Lions Club following Leighton Duerre’s year of leadership. The Informer was graciously invited to both induction evenings.

Good humour, friendship, and plans to raise funds are integral to the gatherings of both clubs. In particular, these two evenings were given over to thanking Past Presidents and officers in their various roles and welcoming in the new Presidents and Officers. It’s a ‘changing of the guard’. Drinks and a meal preceded the important formalities. Last Thursday night had the addition of some hilarity provided by Barry Roach and Jeanette Russell trying to spin the raffle ball container by its winding handle with the small door not closed, but open. Balls sprayed in all directions making everyone a winner, and everywhere laughter flowed.

The District Governor, Brian McMillan, encouraged and affirmed the role of leadership and serving the community that has marked the work of Lions in communities across the country. People left with energy and a job to do.

Sue Barnes aptly summed up her role as President, “I loved having a great team behind me and raising lots of money for our small community. It was a privilege.”

The community looks forward to what our two new Lions Presidents, Jill and Kevin, will make possible.

Pictured: Sue Barnes and Bill Bowker, retiring and new President of Mercury Bay Lions Club.

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