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Upgrade your lifejackets at Mercury Bay Marine

Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade Campaign is back, hitting the road across Aotearoa from Thursday 8 December 2022 to Monday 6 February 2023.

It’s a Coastguard life jacket exchange and the Campaign Van will spend one half day, Friday 23 December 8am-12pm at Mercury Bay Marine, Whitianga. 14 Moewai Road, Whitianga.

Mark and Serah, owners of Mercury Bay Marine, Boating and Outdoors, are big supporters of the Coastguard national campaign and are ready for you to come to Mercury Bay Marine with your old life jackets. Currently, the ‘Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade’ van is offering Kiwis a chance to exchange old battered vests (a.k.a. last season’s seat cushions) for discounted, flash Hutchwilco life jackets. Yes, you heard right. Trade in an old life jacket and get a brand-new one at a discounted price. We’re talking a very generous discount per jacket through this campaign. So come in on Friday morning.

A lifejacket is your key piece of safety equipment on the water. Mark and Serah and the team can help you make the right choice for the life jacket that best suits you and your passengers. A quick way for a good day to go bad is not having lifejackets, or not wearing them when you need to. When the stats say that two-thirds of those who drowned could have survived simply by wearing a lifejacket, why wouldn’t you make sure you and your family are safe on the water? t’s just like a seatbelt - lifejackets keep your mates and family safe out there if anything goes wrong. The two main types of life jackets on the market for recreational boaties are foam jackets that float on their own, and inflatable jackets that require inflating. Most frequently asked questions:

Q. My local boat ramp is not on the location schedule, Can I still get the discounted trade-in price?

A. If we are not visiting your community this year not to worry. You can still get the Old4New deal from our friends at Boating & Outdoors on allocated weeks through the campaign. Visit for your nearest store. Q. Can I pay with a credit card or eftpos at the Old4New van?

A. For sure, eftpos and credit card transactions are available at the Old4New van.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of lifejackets I can upgrade?

A. No, however the number of lifejackets available for upgrade will be limited by stock availability.

Q. My lifejacket is not that old, can I still use it as a trade-in?

A. Absolutely! The main thing is that you walk away with the best lifejacket to suit your activity and help you get the most out of your time on the water.

Q. I don’t have a lifejacket to trade-in, can I still purchase a new lifejacket from the van?

A. Yes, you can purchase any of the Hutchwilco lifejackets from the Old4New van. If you don’t have an old lifejacket to trade in but want to get set for summer with a new one, all lifejackets will be available at the normal retail price listed.

Q. Why do I need a crotch strap?

A. This year all inflatable lifejackets will come with a free crotch strap. If you do end up in the water, the buoyancy of a lifejacket can be quite strong. Any movement inside the lifejacket can mean it ‘rides up’ – in extreme cases the lifejacket can slip right over your head. A crotch strap attaches to the front and back of your lifejacket with a strap between your legs to prevent the lifejacket from going anywhere.

Mercury Bay Marine is Whitianga's one-stop Marine Sales and Service Shop. An extensive range of outdoors and boat chandlery and everyday low prices.

Open every week day from 8.00am to 5.00pm. Sat 9-12 noon.


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