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Water droplets for May Photography Club competition.

By Kate Beauchamp.

Water Droplets for May Photography Club Competition

This was a difficult challenge, not only because there as so much scope but how to capture the essence of the water drops and to think of something original

Kate Beauchamp won first place with "Colouring pencils", a playful still life image. Kate used refraction to capture the background subject in the foreground water drops.

First - Kate Beauchamp, Second - Wendy Pembeton, Third - Chrissy Lawrence Photo of the month.

This was won by Sean King with "Icy Pinnacle", a stunning moody mountainous landscape. Sean sat by the lake for two hours waiting for the peak to become visible (which only lasted about 10 minutes). The mist around the icebergs really makes the picture and Sean is very happy with how the image turned out.

First - Sean King, Second - Wendy Pembeton, Third - Anthea Smith

Coming up for June: June's challenge is the miniature world of Macro photography. With the emphasis on detail and texture, macro photography gives us unique and rewarding results.

If anyone is keen to join the Whitianga Photography Club, small but successful, please email our admin team The work and achievements of members can be viewed on the Whitianga Photographic Club public Facebook page.

Caption: Kate Beauchamp won first place with "Colouring pencils",

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