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The Informer invites you to share your favourite original recipe! We are encouraging the use of local ingredients and produce. It may be savoury, sweet or a special chutney or sauce. If you have a recipe you would like to share, please send to

We look forward to sharing your recipes over the coming weeks.

Teriyaki Noodle Stir Fry

Fresh vegetables are best, but you can make do with what you’ve got! You can also use whatever noodles you may prefer - soba noodles, udon noodles or a gluten free option.


1/4 cup Soy Sauce

2 tbs 309 Honey or coconut sugar

2 tbs sesame oil

1 tbs sesame seeds

1 spring onion finely chopped.

1 tsp of Uncle Dunkle mild BBQ chilli sauce -

local brand

2 tbs rice wine vinegar

1 tbs corn flour

½ cup water

To make sauce, mix together cornflour and water in small bowl, set aside. In a saucepan add all other ingredients and heat for 1-2 minutes. Add cornflour and water mix and stir continuously as it thickens. Once a thick sauce has been made turn off heat.

In a pan heat sesame oil (or other neutral oil) until hot, add all chopped veges (any you may like) and fry until just firm. Add cooked noodles (cooked as per packet instructions). Add in your sauce and gently mix until combined. Top with sesame seeds/ chopped peanuts and herbs. Add chilli oil and salt and pepper as needed.

Extra for experts

Crispy Tofu

Remove FIRM tofu from packet and press with a paper towel until all excess liquid is removed. Chop into cubes and add into a bowl. Cover generously with cornflour and salt. Toss until all the cubes are covered. In a separate pan heat up a decent amount of canola oil until oil is hot, drop in a piece of tofu to test. Add all cubes into hot oil and fry until very crispy, add more salt if needed. Serve on top of noodles.


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