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Whiti Food Fest

For two- and three-quarter hours, Soldiers Memorial Park in Whitianga was abuzz with the Whiti Food Fest on Saturday early evening of the long weekend.

It crowned a day of two very wonderful events – The Air Show and The Airfield Open Day. The food stalls set the pace with amazing aromas. A feature of the evening was the fantastic team of Filipinos serving an array of foods they had prepared - Asian and Kiwi blends. They were decked out in specially made T shirts and they shone with excitement.

Dosa savour crepes were there, a Dutch pastry stall and Mr Whippy.

A cold and rainy blast came at 6.45pm brig a n abrupt end to a great night.

However, the organisers, Luscha McMiken, Georgia Litherland and Josie Fairweather, Year 13 business students said most people had eaten and enjoyed their time before the downpour came.

This is a very successful idea that the girls hope can continue in the future after their two years of running the event. They will all be at university and higher education next year so the mantle will

perhaps fall to other enterprising people.

A huge thanks to all the sponsors, supporters and helpers.

Caption: People enjoying the Whiti Food Festival.

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