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Whitianga Gun Club

Whitianga Gun Club

There were fifty shooters representing ten teams at the Whitianga Gun Club last Saturday, 5 November, for their very successful annual business house shoot.

The winning team was Ground Prep with Daniel Scobie, Willy McLardy, Travis Boyd, Mike Penwarden, Grant Scobie.

Denise Waru had the highest ladies score and in the past, has represented New Zealand.

Highest male scorer was Daniel Wilson, 17 years. Daniel said, “I would go duck shooting when I was ten and I really like trying to hit a moving target so I joined the club. I don’t come out very often, but everyone here is friendly.”

President Mike Deverell said, “Some of the shooters have never held a rifle before and two of these novices today are from Capetown. They joined a team and did very well.”

The Cup was first shot for in 1990. The sponsors for the days business shoot were Prolife Foods and the Porter Group for which the committee is very appreciative.

Ian Marshall and Lois Franks who were scorers for the day, have been with the club for many years and both have won medals for New Zealand internationally. We love it and we are gentle people. Our children love it and now our grandchildren love to shoot. It’s a pity that this kind of sport gets so much negative press. Often it is because of the misuse of firearms. Clay shooting clubs teach respectful and careful use of firearms,” says Lois. The Club welcomes new members.

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