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Whitianga Photographic Club August challenge: smoke photography

Smoke art photography is a fun art form, due to the random nature of the smoke, you never quite know what you're going to get.

"Hot lips" by Kate Beauchamp took out first place. Kate used incense sticks to create the smoke effect. Three images of smoke were then combined with a still life image of lipsticks to create a striking and professional looking final image.

Places: 1st Kate Beauchamp; 2nd Tina Macrea; 3rd Anita Ruggle-Lussy

Photo of the month was won by Anita Ruggle-Lussy with 'Anemone' an eye catching macro shot, packed full of detail, texture and colour.

Places: 1st Anita Ruggle-Lussy; 2nd Wendy Pemberton; 3rd Shannon Molloy

September Challenge: Members can either choose 'High Key' or 'Low Key' photography. High Key is a term used to describe images that are bright and contain little or no shadow. Low Key, on the other hand, uses mostly dark tones to produce high contrast, dramatic images.

If you would like to see more of the work of Whitianga Photographic Club, showcasing the work and achievements of our members, see our facebook page. Anyone keen to join in can email our admin team

Kate Beauchamp

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