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Whitianga Photographic Club February challenge - Soap bubbles

Even though we were all photographing the same subject we had some very diverse entries, from macro and still life to wedding photography!

Tina Macrae won the challenge with "Space Bubble" (top right). A simple and imaginative still life, nicely edited to create an 'out of this world' vibe.

1st: Tina Macrae

2nd: Anita Ruggle-Lussy

3rd: Lia Priemus

Photo of the month: Kate Beauchamp won February's photo of the month with a street photography shot "Just another day at the office" (below right). The black and white grainy looking edit works really well with the industrial looking aesthetic. The image was taken as the barge "Calliope" was being very carefully maneuvered out of Whitianga marina.

1st: Kate Beauchamp

2nd: Wendy Pemberton

3rd equal: Sean King, Lia Priemus and Anita Ruggle-Lussy

For March we will be getting out and about to create some beautiful golden hour landscapes. Golden hour is the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. It's also sometimes referred to as magic hour because it provides the perfect light to capture stunning photographs.

Whitianga Photographic Club has a public Facebook page,

to showcase the work and achievements of our members.

Anyone keen to join in can email our admin team


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