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Whitianga Photographic Club June challenge -Macro photography.

By Kate Beauchamp.

Anita Ruggle-Lussy won first place with "Fungus Family Gathering" (Roridomyces austrororidus - The Austro Dripping Bonnet). Anita found these little fungi at the Whitianga Bike Park. It's a lovely composition, the fungi stand out nicely against the pretty colours of the blurred background.

Anita used a technique called focus stacking, to bring as much of the fungus into focus as possible.

1st Anita Ruggle-Lussy 2nd Lia Priemus 3rd Shannon Molloy Photo of the month.

Our photo of the month was closely fought with Chrissy Lawrence winning the top spot with "Hey you", a beautiful candid portrait using natural light. The sharpness of the subject contrasts nicely with the soft reflection, and by using a sepia edit Chrissy has removed the distraction of colour.

1st Chrissy Lawrence 2nd Lia Priemus 3rd Wendy Pemberton July's challenge is to create a fine art still life image. Fine art images are photographs created purely for their aesthetic qualities. They go beyond capturing what is in front of the camera and are about conveying the artist's vision, feelings, a novel concept or message that is particular to the artist.

If anyone is keen to join our small but successful club please email our admin team The work and achievements of our members can be viewed on the Whitianga Photographic Club public Facebook page.

Caption: "Fungus Family Gathering" by Anita Ruggle-Lussy.


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